Friday, April 22, 2011

My Easter Poem.....

I wrote this to express what Easter means to me.... 

My Easter

He was sent to earth from Heaven above,
For a world full of sinners, a world without love.
He was born in a stable, a manger for his bed,
"King" he was called, but humble was the life He led.

He preached and He taught, performed miracles too,
But people still denied His word, saying it just wasn't true.
He sat with His disciples, "The Last Supper" it would be,
The truth of those words they would soon see.

"One of you will betray me."
Judas said "Surely not I?"
"Yes it is you,"
Jesus sadly replied.

At Gethsemane, he prayed "If possible please take this cup from me."
While His disciples fell fast asleep.
The burden was heavy, but He carried it still,
Knowing soon would be His death on a hill.

Although he was not guilty, the crowd still cried "Crucify."
They released Barabbas, and sentenced Him to die.
They stripped and mocked Him,, whipped him till He bled.
Suffering in agony, till His skin was in shreds 

Nails pierced His hands and feet, the crown of thorns upon His head,
They were unaware of the precious blood they shed.
He was placed between two thieves, one said "Remember me."
Jesus replied "I tell you the truth, today you will be in paradise with Me."

Although they laughed and insulted him through and through,
Jesus said "Father please forgive them, they know not what they do."
Darkness descended, the ninth hour had passed.
He said "Father into Your hands I commit My spirit," and breathed his last.

The mighty veil of the temple was rent.
His time on earth was now all spent.
Buried in a borrowed tomb, only three days He would stay.
Shock ran through them when they rolled the stone away.

He was not there, He arose from the dead.
He ascended into Heaven just as He said.
He died on a cross, for you and for me,
He gave his life to set us free.

Bunnies and eggs to some, is what Easter may be,
But I know the truth, it has a different meaning for me.
My sins are forgiven, not by anything that I have done,
To pay for my sins, God sent His Son.


Jennifer C

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