Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tenure......A Free License To Perform Badly?

As I look out my window I see rain pouring down and wind blowing.  Tornado watch in effect although we aren't expecting anything out of the ordinary.  I can't help but wonder if tomorrows soccer game will be cancelled because the fields will be flooded.  Guess we will just wait and see.  The poor bunnies in front of our house keep hopping around trying to find shelter from the rain.

Watching the Flyers and they just scored twice in like 2 minutes!!  Whooo Hooooo!  Sorry Off Topic...LOL

Okay, the main reason for writing today, concerns tenure.  I don't understand how after a certain amount of years on the job, you magically get the ability to become invincible.  Okay, so maybe it isn't as bad as all that, but I am trying to make a point.  

Before I get the comebacks of why they use tenure, save it.  I've read it.  I've tossed it around in my brain and although I understand it, I still find major fault with it.  Tell me another job where you can perform at low levels, without facing consequences.  In NJ right now with Chris Christie blowing in like a storm and making ballsy changes that some are upset with, the topic of education is a hot one. 

In my opinion you should be paid what you are worth.  If they are a good teacher that truly cares about the kids and wants the best for them, then they should have nothing to worry about.  If you are like one of my son's teachers and all you do is write notes on the board and tell the kids to study it, well then you may have a bit of a problem.    I am not saying it is easy to make learning fun and really "teaching," but that is what you are getting paid to do!  There should be no guarantee if you are not teaching at the level needed for our kids to prosper.  Maybe it's just me but when I was in the sixth grade, I knew the States and their Capitals and still do, for that matter and my parents would have been horrified if I asked them about East Virginia.  I was dumbstruck, he actually managed to get me speechless!  

I'm not going to even get into the "no children left behind" crap!!  Then again.....why not?  That may have had good intentions, but our children aren't learning the basics so they can be taught what a polygon is just to pass a standardized test.  When I ask my child about the Constitution and he says "what's that?" I know that we are in big trouble not just as students/parents but as a country!!

Back to tenure.....tell me another job that you can perform half-assed and still be left in one of the most important positions, of teaching our children.

I will leave you with this .....

“We want tenure to become something good teachers earn, that will protect good teachers from political firings or personal relationship firings,” Christie said at a press conference outside his office. “It will not protect bad teachers who stay in front of the classroom.”
More on Christie in my next post..........

Signing off..................

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