Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obama's Vacation in Hawaii.....

I think this post says it all, but I will include my reply also.....

While I scrimp and save to give my kids somewhat of a Christmas, this _______________ (I will let you fill in the blank, be creative) will be vacationing in Hawaii for 3 weeks. Well, aint he special. Do you know what the victims of Sandy could do with that money? What about the thousands getting laid of because of Obamacare? What about the middle class that are working their asses off to try and keep their homes (some failing miserably like us) that haven't had a vacation in years because it wasn't in our budget. Oh that's right, you don't know what a budget is. Well, a budget is trying to live within your means. Providing shelter, food, safety, and the necessities. Putting your needs before your wants but Mr. Obama, you wouldn't know that. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii, while we scrape dinners together so we will be able to pay our electric bill. Don't worry about us, that aren't living on the governments dime by getting food stamps. The hypocrisy knows no end. I honestly don't know how you can sleep at night. Don't worry Obama, we will get through it, because we are fighters and do not know the words "giving up." Just please do not act concerned when you come to the Jersey shore/NY and give comfort to those that have lost everything. I'm not sure I could take it......    

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can't fix Stupid....

I feel awful, so this post is not going to be rainbows and unicorns.  I am so unbelievably sick of Obama and his administrations and we haven't even made it into the new year yet.  Lets start with the fiscal cliff that we are heading toward.  This bi-partisan crap that Obama spoke of is non-existent, and he we all know that compromise isn't in his vocabulary.

While Egypt is in a fight against it's "dictator" (sorry I call a spade a spade) Obama is down in Mexico.  Obama helped put this Muslim Brotherhood (dictator) in office and is now invisible.  Where is his outrage?  Why are we still funding Egypt?

They cried wolf too many times and I could careless if you think I am racist.  There are many racists out there and they have destroyed any credibility the word has.  Now Peter is going to pay the price and I could care less.

Sandra Rice...yeah she is either extremely incompetent or a liar.  Either way I don't want someone that goes on TV with "talking points" and doesn't look into the truth of the matter.  Obama made her his scapegoat and now he is trying to make it up to her.  Sorry, we are not that gullible or naive.

Why on God's beautiful green earth would an atheist have a problem with a Christmas tree.  I actually have no problem with someone wishing me happy holidays.  Jewish and Christians each celebrate their own holidays this time of year. I guess I should mention the newly made up
"Kwanza."   I am sorry that is not a religious holiday.  Ya know, if anything is considered racist it is that "holiday."  An African American celebration....yep I would most definitely call that racist.  Oh that is right, black people can't be racist.  Okay let me break this down so even an idiot can get this....

Why would you call a Christmas Tree a holiday tree?  Does any other religion also use trees to celebrate?  No, so why would you call it anything but a Christmas tree?  If you want to get technical, Christmas trees are the secular celebration of Christmas, not religious.  Jews use a menorah to celebrate (Hanukkah).  Do they call it a holiday candle stand.  Of course not.... People can you not see the idiocy of this?  If you can't then I am sorry for the loss of your intelligence, wherever you may have lost it.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day...

First & foremost I would personally like to thank all those who gave their service to the United States of America.  I hope that this Veteran's Day will not be the last time I am able to say that.  I have always been proud of this country.  I was in awe of the way the country stood together after 9-11.  On the anniversary of 9/11,  11 years later, we have yet another attack on the United States of America in Benghazi, it matters not whose soil it occurred on, but this time it was different.  This time Obama was president.  He was too busy partying it up with celebrities and campaigning to run the country.  He blamed it on a video and continued to blame it on a video for the weeks after.  Even went so far as to have the man arrested for airing the video although it was for a parole violation.  In a speech to the United Nations, he again blamed the deaths of 4 Americans on the reaction to a video against Muslims.  

The more information that comes to light shows us a very different picture and it's not pretty.  They sent numerous requests for more support which were ignored or denied.  Not only were these deaths preventable, 2 navy seals were told to stand off and for hours and hours thinking help was on the way fought off terrorists till they finally were killed.  Not only did the media not cover this, they did not ask the questions that needed to be asked.  Obama tried covering this up and is now finally coming out.  I will not rest until someone is help accountable for there four innocent deaths.  Now we learn that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus , are "choosing not to testify."  This screams cover up and this time Obama isn't going to be able to talk his way out of it.

Our Veterans have fought and died for the freedoms that we so often take for granted.  I pray that it was not all in vain.  Little by little, our freedoms are getting taken away and it's out of our hands by this farce of an election. (See previous posts for more info)

I sit here, sad, the United States of America that our Veterans have given their service too is changing to a Socialist Nation.  All I can say is do not blame me.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

RIP America (1776-2012)

I am hearing the Republicans talk about what went wrong and what they did or didn't do, what they should have done.  I'm not sure if Romney or any Republican for that matter could have won this election.  The reasons aren't pretty but hey, I was never one to beat around the bush.

Women - Obama basically said that if they voted for Romney they would lose all their rights. They believed his lies. They voted out of ignorance and fear.  OMGosh, they might have to pay for their own birth control, the horror!!!!

Latinos - Ummm, this one is kinda obvious but only needs 2 words......illegal immigration.  Yes, they like the fact that Obama is welcoming them with open arms.

Blacks - Yes, people still are voting for his race. It needed to be said, so suck it up.  

Voter fraud - It happened....  Between intimidation tactics (Black Panthers, Detroit, etc) or voting machines that somehow just changed the vote from Romney to Obama. How much it impacted the election, we will never know.

Media - It's no secret that Obama has the media in his back pocket.  It remind me too much of socialist countries where government dictates what is seen and what is not.  If you only show voters the "good" Obama, unless they research to find the truth, that is exactly what they will see.

Military - It is no accident that thousands of military never received their absentee ballots.

There is not much more to say.  These people are responsible for the future of this country.  They have helped to destroy this country and nothing they do will wash the guilt away from them. 


Monday, November 05, 2012


As I read a lot of these posts and comment lately I can't get over the jealousy over success.  When did this become a bad thing?  When did working your butt off day and night to make your business succeed become wrong?  Why does everyone need to start at a level playing field?  The "give me" and "I deserve" attitudes found in society (I am being really nice, but if you know me, you know exactly who I am talking about) have essentially destroyed this country.  Why work when you can get it free?  <----- We have become a society of laziness and now people expect those that have been successful in life, to pay their way.  That is not how this country was formed and it is not how this country should be today.  Mitt Romney is a successful business man and liberals want to paint him as this horribly person because he is rich.  He is rich because he worked hard.  Maybe we should use him as role model instead of the "Kum ba yah" president that wants to make us all equal and dependent on government.  When you go vote tomorrow please, think with your brains and not the "body parts" or for revenge as Obama would have you do.  I want my children to live in a world that rewards hard work, respects family and offers them the American Dream...a far cry from where we are now!! As much as I love them, I don't want them living in my basement at 30 because they can't find a job!!  I want them to be a responsible part of society that contributes in making this the best country in the world to live in!