Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can't fix Stupid....

I feel awful, so this post is not going to be rainbows and unicorns.  I am so unbelievably sick of Obama and his administrations and we haven't even made it into the new year yet.  Lets start with the fiscal cliff that we are heading toward.  This bi-partisan crap that Obama spoke of is non-existent, and he we all know that compromise isn't in his vocabulary.

While Egypt is in a fight against it's "dictator" (sorry I call a spade a spade) Obama is down in Mexico.  Obama helped put this Muslim Brotherhood (dictator) in office and is now invisible.  Where is his outrage?  Why are we still funding Egypt?

They cried wolf too many times and I could careless if you think I am racist.  There are many racists out there and they have destroyed any credibility the word has.  Now Peter is going to pay the price and I could care less.

Sandra Rice...yeah she is either extremely incompetent or a liar.  Either way I don't want someone that goes on TV with "talking points" and doesn't look into the truth of the matter.  Obama made her his scapegoat and now he is trying to make it up to her.  Sorry, we are not that gullible or naive.

Why on God's beautiful green earth would an atheist have a problem with a Christmas tree.  I actually have no problem with someone wishing me happy holidays.  Jewish and Christians each celebrate their own holidays this time of year. I guess I should mention the newly made up
"Kwanza."   I am sorry that is not a religious holiday.  Ya know, if anything is considered racist it is that "holiday."  An African American celebration....yep I would most definitely call that racist.  Oh that is right, black people can't be racist.  Okay let me break this down so even an idiot can get this....

Why would you call a Christmas Tree a holiday tree?  Does any other religion also use trees to celebrate?  No, so why would you call it anything but a Christmas tree?  If you want to get technical, Christmas trees are the secular celebration of Christmas, not religious.  Jews use a menorah to celebrate (Hanukkah).  Do they call it a holiday candle stand.  Of course not.... People can you not see the idiocy of this?  If you can't then I am sorry for the loss of your intelligence, wherever you may have lost it.

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