Wednesday, November 07, 2012

RIP America (1776-2012)

I am hearing the Republicans talk about what went wrong and what they did or didn't do, what they should have done.  I'm not sure if Romney or any Republican for that matter could have won this election.  The reasons aren't pretty but hey, I was never one to beat around the bush.

Women - Obama basically said that if they voted for Romney they would lose all their rights. They believed his lies. They voted out of ignorance and fear.  OMGosh, they might have to pay for their own birth control, the horror!!!!

Latinos - Ummm, this one is kinda obvious but only needs 2 words......illegal immigration.  Yes, they like the fact that Obama is welcoming them with open arms.

Blacks - Yes, people still are voting for his race. It needed to be said, so suck it up.  

Voter fraud - It happened....  Between intimidation tactics (Black Panthers, Detroit, etc) or voting machines that somehow just changed the vote from Romney to Obama. How much it impacted the election, we will never know.

Media - It's no secret that Obama has the media in his back pocket.  It remind me too much of socialist countries where government dictates what is seen and what is not.  If you only show voters the "good" Obama, unless they research to find the truth, that is exactly what they will see.

Military - It is no accident that thousands of military never received their absentee ballots.

There is not much more to say.  These people are responsible for the future of this country.  They have helped to destroy this country and nothing they do will wash the guilt away from them. 


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