Monday, November 05, 2012


As I read a lot of these posts and comment lately I can't get over the jealousy over success.  When did this become a bad thing?  When did working your butt off day and night to make your business succeed become wrong?  Why does everyone need to start at a level playing field?  The "give me" and "I deserve" attitudes found in society (I am being really nice, but if you know me, you know exactly who I am talking about) have essentially destroyed this country.  Why work when you can get it free?  <----- We have become a society of laziness and now people expect those that have been successful in life, to pay their way.  That is not how this country was formed and it is not how this country should be today.  Mitt Romney is a successful business man and liberals want to paint him as this horribly person because he is rich.  He is rich because he worked hard.  Maybe we should use him as role model instead of the "Kum ba yah" president that wants to make us all equal and dependent on government.  When you go vote tomorrow please, think with your brains and not the "body parts" or for revenge as Obama would have you do.  I want my children to live in a world that rewards hard work, respects family and offers them the American Dream...a far cry from where we are now!! As much as I love them, I don't want them living in my basement at 30 because they can't find a job!!  I want them to be a responsible part of society that contributes in making this the best country in the world to live in! 

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