Tuesday, December 04, 2012


KKK. Holocaust. Racism. Hitler.  These words are thrown around as a comparison to people and events that are happening in today's society.  All these words have an impact all by themselves but are becoming trivial by people that use these words so loosely.

Jason Whitlock compared the NRA to the KKK.   This is insulting and offensive and frankly it pisses me off.  How dare this sanctimonious ass compare law abiding citizens that have met the requirements of the NRA to own a gun that is supported by the United States Constitution.  Jason, have you heard of the 2nd Amendment?  I abhor the KKK and what they stand for.  You do everyone that is in or supports the NRA a grave injustice.  Sir, you are a racist, ignorant man, and you should think twice about spouting off things that you have no business doing.

 Hitler was a monster.  He was evil personified.  As much as we may dislike (being very generous here) politicians, to compare them to Hitler is undignified.  I've seen many signs comparing both Bush and Obama to him.  If you think that our politicians resemble a man that was capable of atrocious, heinous acts of mass murder then you really need to go back and do some research.


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