Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy at Sandy Hook

This is in Israel where a teacher is armed, ready to protect the children under her care.  Is this where we are headed.  Should it?

My heart is breaking right now for the families in Connecticut who lost their children to a massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The horrific nature of this slaughter was just too much for anyone for anyone to comprehend.   The questions have already begun.  Why?  What if guns were banned.  What if someone at the school had a gun on them? Could they have stopped him. Was he on medication? What could have prevented this. Where was God?  How could He let this happen?

Nothing could have prevented this.  Are there ways to make schools a safer haven for children?  Yes, and I am sure these will be tossed around in the days following this tragedy.  This is not the first time this has happened and unfortunately will not be the last.  Society has become a very jaded place where everyone is out for themselves.  They see guns on movies and video games and it desensitizes them toward death.   This is a culture of violence. These type of killings are becoming more and more common and we need to ask ourselves why.  Something in this country is damaged badly and until we recognize and address it, this will continue.  The problem is no one knows that what "it" is.  It is different in every situation, and it is imposible to point the finger at just one thing.  Maybe we need to start looking around us and thinking about others first.

I came acroos this post and it said so much of what I am feeling..... click here to read full article.

[ We do not, and cannot possibly, control all the actions of every other person on the planet. The government can't do it. The churches can't do it. The schools can't do it. The neighbors can't do it. We can love one another and look out for one another and pass laws to protect one another to the utmost best of our ability, but in the end, we are free to chose our own actions. That is both our greatest gift and curse.
We had a story last month about a fight in a high school parking lot that reportedly involved somebody brandishing a gun. Shortly after it ran, I had a couple of calls from parents furious that other schools hadn't been locked down while police searched for the suspect. (Story here: During a conversation with one of the callers, she said something to the effect of, "So anybody can just pull into a school parking lot and start a fight? Isn't that kind of scary?"
Well ... yes, I told her. But it's a parking lot. What, exactly, is the alternative? Barbed wire? Guard towers? How do we secure the parking lot at the mall, or the gas station, or even the police department?
I won't quarrel with the argument that our society doesn't place enough emphasis on mental health. But reality is, you cannot eliminate crazy. Eliminating weapons won't end society's pain. Seven people died from ingesting potassium cyanide in pain-reliever capsules back in 1982. Farming fertilizer helped kill 168 people in Oklahoma City in 1995. We discovered in 2001 that a determined terrorist can take down a building with a jet plane.
I saw a post after the Clackamas shooting complaining about the media effort to find out about the shooter. The poster argued this guy should die a nobody, and that nothing good could come of the attention.
I disagree. I think it's human to want to know why, to see if there were any warning signs, to use the knowledge to be better prepared for the future. We can't do that without knowing more.
But the important thing to recognize, along with that investigation, is that while there may be explanations, there will never be - can never be - a 100 percent foolproof solution to every situation, every time.
Not while we live with other people. Not without compromising that very essence of our humanity: free will.
Let's say you found some agitated loner who exhibits signs of potential violence. Let's say you were in the position to extend all the help you can to him: friendship, community support, medication if necessary, the removal of all obvious access to something he could use to hurt himself or someone else.
But in the end, what do you really do to ensure he will never be a danger? Lock him up? Where? For how long? Who's responsible? Who pays? What can he have and not have while he's there? 
And here's the real question: What do you do to stop the people-turned-monsters who never indicated, until they blew, that they might have been agitated loners at all?  
We can avoid air travel. We can stay out of movie theaters. We can take our kids out of school. We can make it a point to never shop at a mall again.
We also can change our names and hole up in a bunker and live off the land until we die.
And realistically, that's what it would take to be absolutely and completely and positively sure that we would be safe from random, senseless acts of violence.]

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those involved in this tragedy.  No words I can offer at this moment will lesson the heartbreak that so many are feeling.  I ask the Lord to wrap his hands around those who are hurting and grieving and give them the strength to get through the upcoming days and weeks ahead of them.  God bless this country.

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