Monday, December 03, 2012

Tragedy Turned Into Political Point

Bob Costas is not only an idiot, but pathetic.  I'm sure you have all heard the story about the murder suicide of Jovan Belcher from the Kansas City Chiefs.  You'd literally have to be in a bubble considering the coverage this is getting.  Sometimes that bubble looks very inviting considering the idiocy of some people.  Besides the fact that the 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, this debate rages on.  Guns do not kill people, people kill people.  The fact that he owned a gun is a non-issue.

Lets suppose that he didn't own a gun.  Think of all the devices that he had at his disposal, if you will.  His fist, which would have taken a much longer time and would have hurt a lot worse. A knife unless directly to the heart would have taken numerous times.  Not so long ago someone was arrested for beating his wife with a baseball bat, that would not have been pleasant either.    The point that I am slowly getting at is this would have happened no matter what was in his hand, his intention was murder and would have happened regardless of the weapon.

If we followed Costas' argument, we would have to assume that cigarettes, alcohol, medication, junk food, knives, baseball bats, curtain rods, rope, pillows...I could go on but hopefully if you have the slightest bit of common sense you know where I am going with this.   There are many ways to kill a person if that is what is in someone's heart and mind.

Murderer's, thieves, drug dealers, etc.. will get their hands on guns one way or another, mostly illegal.  So you would leave the average American with no way to defend himself if he was threatened.  I have no problem with restrictions that make owning a gun safer but to take away the right of a nation because a person was killed by a gun is ludicrous.  That Bob Costas takes this tragedy to make a political point is down right low, but by no means, a surprise.

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