Friday, January 04, 2013

Taxpayers Hard Earned Money Going Where?

The fiscal cliff bill that was supposed to save our great nation is nothing but a lot of useless pork. Let's go over a few things shall we?

 Rum Producers - 222 Million...  I didn't know the "Rum" industry was having that much trouble.  Guess I have to pay more attention in the future.  Whatever would we do if we had to give up our Pina Colada's and Strawberry Daiquiri's?  How would we possibly go on?  The horror of it all.  The thought of switching to Vodka makes me ill.  I guess there is no need, thanks to Obama and the intelligent, wonderful, representatives that voted for this.

Hollywood - 248 Million...  This one just blows my mind, it really does.  These million dollar mansions and sports cars aren't quite enough?  Movies are for entertainment.  They are something you watch for an hour and a half and most of the time, wish you hadn't wasted your money on them.  Don't have the money to make and produce a movie...oh freakin' well!   While hard working citizens are busting their butts trying to bring home enough to feed the family and put a roof over their heads, these celebs live in luxury.  I know that you need them politically and this is your way of doing it, but this is a joke.  Let's just forget for a moment of our poor producers needs for a moment and look at the $ aspect of this.  If you took this money and gave each family $5000.00, you could help 49,600 families/businesses in need.  Do you know what I could do with that much money? I mean the $5000, not the millions, although you can imagine what I would do with that too if you'd really like to.  Seriously, this is what you voted for?

Lets see what else the government is spending OUR money on, shall we?

Oh yes, we can't forget throwing algae growers 59 million.  I have some in my backyard pond that I am not using, how much do you think I could get for it?

 78 million to Nascar.  It is a necessity that we make sure that every Sunday we are able to watch cars drive around in circles.

7 Million for electronic motorcycle makers.  Ummm, not even sure where the heck to go with this one...I mean really??

Does Obama and Congress know the meaning of the word debt.  It is when your spending is more than you are taking in.  Millions of people do it every day.  It's actually a very easy concept to grasp, although doing it in the economic swamp we are drowning in currently is making it a bit difficult.

Stop spending MY money on PORK!  Thank you and have a good day! :p 

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