Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gay Marriage Comparison...

The best explanation of gay marriage I have heard yet!

" I like dogs. We have had dogs for most of my life.
I bear no animus toward cats, some of my best friends have cats, however I am allergic to them. Calling a cat a dog does not eliminate my allergy. If I am invited to a home and I'm told that dogs are present, I have no expectation of anaphylaxis. If I am told there is a cat, I may respectfully decline the invitation or at least bring medication and make plans to politely leave under conditions extremis.

Let's say that the government in their/our wisdom granted certain benefits to the owners of dogs. I would have no problem were those same rights granted to the owners of cats. However, I would take exception if the rights were granted on the basis of calling cats dogs.
Let the government establish a categorical inclusion of “pets” or some other descriptor, or create a list of creatures covered under the benefits, but the definition of “dog” remains fundamentally different that the definition of “cat.”  ~  Curmudgeon

Couldn't decide which picture so I posted both!

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