Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gun Control Debate: Anthony's View

Anthony is well known as a goofball and lives up to the name really well.  He has a quirky sense of humor and comes out with the weirdest things, so when he told me that for History, he had to pick a hot topic and write a paper on which side he was on, I could only imagine what he would write. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised!  The topic he chose was on gun control along with a few others in his class but he was the only one who chose against.  I was intrigued and asked him why?  He first began with self defense and then he went on to the real reason.....  The 2nd Amendment and our right to arm ourselves against government tyranny.  I teach my kids politics because we live in the heart of liberal land (NJ) and I don't want them getting their ideas and views coming from public school.  It was a validation that, even when he rolls his eyes and says "Yeah, mom, I know, I know" he really is listening.  He is fifteen and I know he is going to be swarmed with liberal views as he gets older, but for now, I'm content to know that Conservatism is alive and kicking in our household.  

I will post his paper when he is done.

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