Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Do You Support Gay Marriage? Don't Answer!

I know I said my next post was going to be about immigration and I still plan to, but I just need to get something off my chest.

I will not answer this question because it is not a legitimate question.  It is not possible to be gay and married, when the very  definition of marriage is between a man and a woman.

Ask me if I believe in gay rights...yes.  Ask me if government should stay out of religion and make everyone get civil unions...absolutely!  We need to change the wording from gay marriage to gay rights if we want to keep our heads above water.

This is a question that we should refuse to answer.  We need to make it a non-issue in 2016 and we need someone to step up and end this huge divide that is losing us votes.

Monday, April 29, 2013


President Obama called NBA player Jason Collins Monday to offer his support after Collins announced he's gay.  I repeat, "WHO THE HELL CARES?"

I don't and I would really appreciate if you stopped shoving it down my throat!  Why the big announcement and a call from the prez?  So do I need to shout to the world, that I like men.


Should I get on the front page of Sports Illustrated because I announce that I love men?  People, can't you see how crazy this sounds?  If your straight, great, if your gay, hey....I simply don't care, so stop announcing it like it's page front news.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Everyone Has A Choice...

As I sit here in my own little jail that Dysautonomia has enclosed me in, I am able to read quite a few things that come my way.  Instead of making a super long post that by the end you end up seeing double, I decided to break it down by issues.  Abortion, Immigration, & Conservatism.  I will start with abortion.

Abortion:  Apparently Obama spoke at Abortion Advocates Planned Parenthood he told them "God Bless You."  First and foremost why would you ask your God to Bless those that are killing babies, destroying lives?  God creates these precious babies, he treasures each and every one of them, and I can't speak for Him, but I can say with a certain degree of confidence that He does not bless those that butcher His children.  Inside the woman or not. One thing we seem to forget in the abortion debate is the father, unless of course, they want child support.  Women cannot make babies themselves. (at least not as of yet)  It takes a man's sperm, a partnership, you could say, between egg and sperm to create the baby.  By choosing (Did you catch that word choosing) not to take precautions, choosing that sex is more important than your future, you are making a choice.  You have the ability to control your body and what happens to it.   So please do not talk to me about not having a choice, because you indeed have many choices.  What you shouldn't have is the right to destroy a life that is made by both the woman and man.  I find it the height of hypocrisy that we decide that fathers get to be fathers at the mother' whim.  Every decision we make in life has consequences, some of them more severe than others.  A child is not a choice, it's a consequence to your actions.  You need to put on your big girl pants  and take responsibility, for your actions.  Due to the Gosnell trial, it has come up a lot in the news and has been opening eyes to the horror of what is done, and how it is done.  As I don't think there is a chance Roe Vs Wade will ever get overturned, this is our chance to change it from being a new method of birth control to something that is rare and limited in the procedure and occurrence.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Open Letter To Liberals...

An Open Letter To Liberals

Dear Liberals,
I wanted to send along my condolences in regards to the rough week you guys have had.
Now that the Boston Marathon bombers have been officially identified as Muslim terrorists, I can only imagine how heartbroken you must be. Hell – I wouldn’t be surprised if Tingles Matthews is on 24-hour suicide watch. Then, you have the morbidly-obese Michael Moore, who immediately speculated that the bombers were “white right-wingers,” now pathetically claiming via Twitter that he was “right.” (Seems as if he missed the part about the killers being radicalized Chechen Muslims.)
Anyway, I can only imagine how embarrassing it must be that once again, one of your self-appointed spokesmen – er, sorry, “spokespersons” – is such a spectacularly sore loser.
Speaking of spectacularly sore losers, your president’s little temper tantrum in the Rose Garden after the Senate handed him his ass on the gun-control bill must have been embarrassing as well. To add insult to injury, it was the Democrat-controlled Senate that did the ass-handing – with five Democrats joining the ranks of the evil Republicans – or as O likes to call them, the “enemies.” I’m sure that the disappointment of being denied the opportunity to blame the bill’s defeat on John Boehner and the House Republicans was excruciating for him.
Take heart though; O’s humiliation, coming after he pulled out all the stops, including using Sandy Hook parents as props – multiple times, will only serve to motivate him to issue yet another slew of executive orders – and Congress will be circumvented again! So, see? All it not lost in your efforts to control the guns of law-abiding citizens. Besides, this is only one loss in the long march to confiscate guns; have a little patience!
I’m sure it must also be rough for you guys to read about the horrific testimony and see the grisly images coming out of the Philadelphia abortionist’s murder trial. Not very good for the cause, is it? Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place; your media refuses to cover the story in its effort to protect abortion at all costs – while it continues to draw an ever-increasing amount of criticism for doing so. I mean, it’s getting so bad that even liberal commentators are pointing out the hypocrisy. Too bad Gosnell didn’t kill all those babies with an AR-15, huh? How awesome would that have been?
Anyway, chins up, dudes – it won’t be this bad forever. Besides, if the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas turns out to have been intentionally caused by a white right-winger – better yet, a white right-wing Christian –everything will be good again on Planet Looney Tunes. Keep your fingers and toes crossed.
Have a great weekend,
A Concerned Conservative
P.S. Almost forgot: So sorry that the deluded nut job Elvis impersonator who sent ricin-laced letters to O and several members of Congress turned out to not only be a Democrat – but a Democrat activist, no less. Man, when it rains, it pours, huh?

Wish I could take the credit but Rat at http://mikesright.wordpress.com posted this!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liberty - Guns = (Fill in the blank)

The Boston Marathon bombing has brought the country together again in a way that doesn't happen until faced with the safety of our country.  But at what cost?  This quote comes to mind...    

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin
There is a fine line between safety and freedom. We had two terrorists roaming the streets while the FBI tried to figure out who they were.  The citizens are the ones that stepped up and identified them which set into motion the massive manhunt.  The city went on lock down and illegal searches were conducted without warrants.  They can say it was a case of public safety, that it was for the greater good.  What they fail to understand is that by shutting the city down, the terrorists have won.  We have essentially given them the power to decide how we live.  I watched as the residents clapped and cheered for the policemen that took away their very freedoms away without them even realizing it. The suspect was captured because a man taking a smoke break after getting the all clear from the police.  Maybe Boston would have been a little bit more prepared if gun control wasn't so strict.  Maybe it would have saved a life.  Maybe it would have provided some comfort to the residents.

If you look around at other countries such as Israel and so many of the other Middle Eastern countries, it's a part of daily life.  Imagine them shutting down at every threat of violence.  So what is the answer?  I think the answer lies in our immigration policies  We need to secure our borders.  We need to stop being so afraid of offending our enemies.  We need to enforce our laws.  The FBI need to take it seriously when other countries suspect terrorist's activity from our own citizens.  Just because they reside in the United States doesn't make them safe.  It doesn't mean that your neighbors, classmates, friends or acquaintances won't blow you to pieces if they get the chance.

This is just the beginning my friends.  As other terrorists see what a weak president and nation we have become, they will start exploiting those weaknesses.  They already have and it will only get worse.  They are laughing at us, as politicians try to take all the guns from the innocent people while knowing that the bad guys will get them any way they have to.  If Obama would've spent half the time that he spends on "gun control" on national security maybe that 8 year old boy might still be alive.  (You know, cause he cares about the children so much.)

Friday, April 19, 2013

CNN Says You Can't Blame Muslims...Yeah, Watch Me!


I have heard this a million times before but after this bombing, it needs to be said and as bluntly as possible.  Look at the figures below. They are from 2001-2013 and only in the U.S. That is NOT a peaceful religion.  They are taught and trained to kill infidels.  How many more threats and innocent deaths do we need to wake us up. People are so worried about profiling but our citizens need to be protected.  They want to kill us, period!  They don't care if it's women or children or if they are Christian or Jewish. They don't care what color or nationality you are. This is not an isolated event by an extremist.  If the government keeps defending this "peaceful" religion, people are going to resort to vigilante justice and that is dangerous for everyone.  One question...We keep hearing all about this religion being a peaceful one, where are all the Muslims condemning these attacks?

Think About It. Then Pass It On
According to the left wing zealots we have in politics.......
We're not supposed to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few "crazies".
But the acts of a few American “crazies” is enough to judge all Americans who own guns. ~Brad Gervais(G+)

   DATE                     LOCATION            DEAD             INJURED

9/11/2001 USA New York, NY  2752 251 Islamic hijackers steer two planes packed with fuel and passengers into the World Trade Center, killing hundreds on impact and eventually killing thousands when the towers collapsed. At least 200 are seriously injured.

9/11/2001 USA Washington, DC 184 53 Nearly 200 people are killed when Islamic hijackers steer a plane full of people into the Pentagon.

9/11/2001 USA Shanksville, PA 40 0 Forty passengers are killed after Islamic radicals hijack the plane in an attempt to steer it into the U.S. Capitol building
3/19/2002 USA Tuscon, AZ 1 0 A 60-year-old man is gunned down by Muslim snipers on a golf course.

5/27/2002 USA Denton, TX 1 0 Muslim snipers kill a man as he works in his yard.

7/4/2002 USA Los Angeles, CA 2 0 Muslim man pulls out a gun at the counter of an Israeli airline and kills two people.

9/5/2002 USA Clinton, MD 1 0 A 55-year-old pizzaria owner is shot six times in the back by Muslims at close range.

9/21/2002 USA Montgomery, AL 1 1 Muslim snipers shoot two women, killing one.

9/23/2002 USA Baton Rouge, LA 1 0 A Korean mother is shot in the back by Muslim snipers.

10/2/2002 USA Wheaton, MD 1 0 Muslim snipers gun down a program analyst in a store parking lot.

10/3/2002 USA Montgomery County, MD 5 0 Muslim snipers kill three men and two women in separate attacks over a 15-hour period.

10/9/2002 USA Manassas, VA 1 1 A man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas two days after a 13-year-old is wounded by the same team.

10/11/2002 USA Fredericksburg, VA 1 0 Another man is killed by Muslim snipers while pumping gas.

10/14/2002 USA Arlington, VA 1 0 A woman is killed by Muslim snipers in a Home Depot parking lot.

10/22/2002 USA Aspen Hill, MD 1 0 A bus driver is killed by Muslim snipers.

8/6/2003 USA Houston, TX 1 0 After undergoing a 'religious revival', a Saudi college student slashes the throat of a Jewish student with a 4" butterfly knife, nearly decapitating the young man.

12/2/2003 USA Chicago, IL 1 0 A Muslim doctor deliberately allows a Jewish patient to die from an easily treatable condition.

4/13/2004 USA Raleigh, NC 1 4 An angry Muslim runs down five strangers with a car.

4/15/2004 USA Scottsville, NY 1 2 In an honor killing, a Muslim father kills his wife and attacks his two daughters with a knife and hammer because he feared that they had been sexually molested.

6/16/2006 USA Baltimore, MD 1 0 A 62-year-old Jewish moviegoer is shot to death by a Muslim gunman in an unprovoked terror attack.

6/25/2006 USA Denver, CO 1 5 Saying that it was 'Allah's choice', a Muslim shoots four of his co-workers and a police officer.

7/28/2006 USA Seattle, WA 1 5 An 'angry' Muslim-American uses a young girl as hostage to enter a local Jewish center, where he shoots six women, one of whom dies.

2/13/2007 USA Salt Lake City, UT 5 4 A Muslim immigrant goes on a shooting rampage at a mall, targeting people buying Valentine's Day cards at a gift shop and killing five.

1/1/2008 USA Irving, TX 2 0 A Muslim immigrant shoots his two daughters to death on concerns about their 'Western' lifestyle.

7/6/2008 USA Jonesboro, GA 1 0 A devout Muslim strangles his 25-year-old daughter in an honor killing.

2/12/2009 USA Buffalo, NY 1 0 The founder of a Muslim TV station beheads his wife in the hallway for seeking a divorce.

4/12/2009 USA Phoenix, AZ 2 0 A man shoots his brother-in-law and another man to death after finding out that they visited a strip club, in contradiction to Islamic values.

6/1/2009 USA Little Rock, AR 1 1 A Muslim shoots a local soldier to death inside a recruiting center explicitly in the name of Allah.

11/2/2009 USA Glendale, AZ 1 1 A woman dies from injuries suffered when her father runs her down with a car for being too 'Westernized.' (10-20-09)

11/5/2009 USA Ft. Hood, TX 13 31 A Muslim psychiatrist guns down thirteen unarmed soldiers while yelling praises to Allah.

12/4/2009 USA Binghamton, NY 1 0 A non-Muslim Islamic studies professor is stabbed to death by a Muslim grad student in revenge for 'persecuted' Muslims.

4/14/2010 USA Marquette Park, IL 5 2 After quarrelling with his wife over Islamic dress, a Muslim convert shoots his family members to 'take them back to Allah' and out of the 'world of sinners'.

4/30/2011 USA Warren, MI 1 0 A 20-year-old woman is shot in the head by her stepfather for not adhering to Islamic practices.

2/7/2013 USA Buena Vista, NJ 2 0 A Muslim targets and beheads two Christian Coptic immigrants.

3/24/2013 USA Ashtabula, OH 1 0 A Muslim convert walks into a church service with a Quran and guns down his Christian father while praising Allah.

4/15/2013 USA Boston, MA 3 170 Foreign-born Muslims describing themselves as 'very religious' detonate two bombs packed with ball bearings at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and causing several more to lose limbs.

4/19/2013 USA Boston, MA 1 1 Jihadists gun down a university police officer sitting in his car.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Changes In Congress.... A Pipe Dream?

This E-mail has been circulated throughout the internet for a long time!  Usually I read it and then delete it, but for some reason this time I didn't.  Congress is a total mess.  It's become a career rather than what it was intended to do, to represent the people.  They don't care what happens because most of it they are exempt from anyway.  Do you know anybody that actually gets to choose their own raise? 

No Tenure / No Pension.

A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they're out of office.

 Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security.

All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

 Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

 Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

 Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

 Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

 All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 12/31/13. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.

Congressmen/women made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. 

The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so our Senators and Representatives should serve their maximum of two terms, then go home and back to work.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Laura's Law + Politicians + Doctors = No Guns

I am writing about something that is extremely personal and isn't easy to talk about.  Not because I want to, but it's hard to make you understand my logic behind my views without revealing the full story.  Okay, here it goes.... (deep breath)

Over 16 years ago, I got really sick.  I was in and out of the hospital, test after test and they couldn't figure it out.  When I say test after test...I mean it.  (MRI, Cat Scan, EKG, EEG, blood test galore, they went up, they went down, ultrasounds on my stomach and heart, motility studies, safe to say just about everything.)  The biggest part of what I was feeling was racing heart, anxiety type feelings, nausea and passing out.  The passing out was the biggest concern because I have had many injuries stemming from that.  After about a year of hospitals, tests, too many meds to count on both hands and toes, and still having symptoms they gave up.  The doctor looked me in the face and said I can't help you.  Let me tell you, that is not an easy thing to hear, especially when feeling so lousy. They threw a whole lot of meds at me and sent me on my way.  When I was at the hospital they made a suggestion.  They had this place (mental hospital) on the top floor, where they could keep a "constant" eye on me and manage my medication in a very safe place.  I was 23 years young and a bit naive about how the world works.  Anyway, they talked this place up and said it would really help me.  I had nothing to lose, or so I thought.  They told me and my family, I could leave anytime, just sign myself out.  They lied.  They told me that they would monitor my health.  They lied.  They gave me anti-psychotic drugs...Thorazine was one of them.  Doctors and medical teams do not tell you that if they give you anti-psychotics and you are not crazy you soon will be.  It made me see things, feel things that I never want to experience again.  It made me extremely restless, I could not sit still. I was on overdrive. I kept telling them that I didn't feel right, something was wrong, but either they didn't believe me or simply didn't care.  Since they were so concerned about my health (said with as much sarcasm as I possibly can) they decided that I should go to a monitored room and was not allowed to get out of bed.  Telling this to someone that was loaded up on psychotics and feeling like I was about to jump out of my skin with restlessness, it was not welcome news  I wanted out.  I didn't go in there psychotic, but if I didn't get out of there, that was exactly what was going to happen.  I was then told I had to wait 72 hours.  Suffice it to say, it was the worst experience of my life and one that still haunts me to this day.  About a year ago, I was diagnosed with anautonomic disorder called Dysautonomia.  It was a relief to find an answer but as it has no cure, it's bittersweet.  I take quite a few medicines to help control my symptoms.

When I came across this headline it literally scared the heck out of me.  I have been to a lot of psychiatrists during that period (because they thought it was anxiety) and I do not have the slightest confidence in them nor their judgement.  They were drug pushing, egomaniacs and to think that they would be in control of such extreme medicines should terrifies me.  Most everyone that has this disorder has been originally diagnosed with anxiety cause it imitates the exact symptoms. So under this law, they are going to be forcing medicine down anyone's throat that looks or acts like they need it. 

This has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with power.  Don't like how someone is acting?  No biggie, throw some medicine at them and keep them doped up. The chances for misdiagnoses, personal bias, and plain old abuse are way too high!  This is only the start and it's sneaky!!  What about diabetics when they get hypoglycemic/hyperglycemic.  Their behavior can be quite erratic when their levels are off.  Migraines?  Dehydration?  Talk about a slippery slope!

Guess what?  It's already begun.....

The NY SAFE Act requires “mental health professionals, in the exercise of reasonable professional judgment, to report if an individual they are treating is likely to engage in conduct that will cause serious harm to him- or herself or others.”
If such a determination is made, “the Division of Criminal Justice Services will determine whether the person possesses a firearms license and, if so, will notify the appropriate local licensing official, who must suspend the license. The person’s firearms will then be removed.”The law has come under fire from gun-rights advocates as well as mental health professionals, who fear the new law discourages people from seeking professional help for mental health issues.

     Anxiety = No guns for you! (say it like the soup Nazi)

For more info on this story click here.......

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Abortion...*Warning* Pictures Are Just As Disgusting As The Procedure Is!

I know this is a very touchy subject but it needs to be said.  There is a very simple view I have and it is based on personal responsibility.  If you are NOT responsible enough to have a child, either do not have sex or use protection.  

Your president voted for this.... Remember that when you look at these pictures!

This is abortion people, this is reality.  Stop making it so damn appealing by saying:  "Pro-choice"  "Women should have a say in what they do with their own bodies."   "It's not really a baby."   Look at these pictures and tell me that is not a baby, that it's just a bunch of cells!!  I hear people say "Oh, I can't look at those pictures"  and yet it is happening every day, every hour, every minute.  Closing your eyes does not make it go away;  does nothing to stop it!

What about these babies?  Who the hell is looking out for them?  It is downright sickening that this kind of butchery goes on in our society.  What kind of monster do you have to be to do this to an alive, breathing baby.  I hope Kermit Gosnell gets a roommate named Big Bubba and they become very good friends!!

The neonatologist viewed a photograph of Baby Boy A. Based on the baby’s size, hairline, muscle mass, subcutaneous tissue, well-developed scrotum, and other characteristics, the doctor opined that the boy was at least 32 weeks, if not more, in gestational age.

Gosnell severed spinal cords and suctioned and crushed skulls after the babies were
fully delivered.

Kermit Gosnell is charged with two counts of infanticide along with his many other crimes.

• A 28-week-old male, found frozen in container with a
surgical incision at the base of the neck, discovered in the
February 2010 raid, and determined by the medical examiner to
have been viable.

• A 26-week-old female also found in the February 2010 raid,
determined by the medical examiner to have been viable. Her
frozen remains were in a distilled water container labeled by
the medical examiner.

For the full grand jury report click below...


For more information on Obama's support of this, click below...


Saturday, April 13, 2013

Through A Child's Eyes...

I wrote this over 20 years ago & have had it published on a few poetry sites but I thought, considering the recent events with the butcher Gosnell, it needs to come out of retirement.


The month is one,
                                                                  and I’ve just begun, 
So please take good care of me. 
I’m beginning to grow in so many ways;
I wonder what I will be.  

The month is two, 
and my mommy is blue.
Because I was just a mistake;
Please don’t cry, Mom, it will be okay; 
Be responsible for things God makes. 

The month is three, 
and quite possibly
I'll be looking just like you,
But I heard you say abortion;
Please tell me it’s not true. 

The month is four,
the doctor closes the door;
I think I am going to die. 
I don’t understand what is going on, 
Mommy, please tell me why.  

The month would be five, 
but I am no longer alive,
And I think I now know why.
My mommy had sex before marriage,
And sentenced me to die.  

The month would be six, 
and I wish I could fix 
The abortion my mom recently had. 
She destroyed two very promising lives,
And now she feels terribly sad.  

The month would be seven, 
but I am now up in heaven; 
There had to be another way. 
There are mommys and daddys that couldn't have kids 
 Who would have cherished me each and every day.  

The month would be eight,
but now it’s too late; 
Your face now wears a frown.
But I wish you would have thought of me
Before you fooled around.  

The month would be nine,
and things could have been fine, 
But you chose to let me die.
So, now I have two things to say to you;
I will miss you and goodbye! 

Today would have been my birthday,
If only I were not dead.
No parties, no cakes, and no presents -
I lie in a dumpster instead. 

I will give you some advice, Mommy, 
When you get tempted to play
Choose the greatest option 
Next time do things God's way. 
                                                               By Jennifer Leigh Crispaldi

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mychal Massie Column...Why I Hate The Obama's!

This is a column he wrote about a year ago, but so much of it is spot on!!

The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn't like the Obama's?   Specifically I was asked: "I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama's?   It seems personal, not policy related.   You even dissed (disrespect) their Christmas family picture."

The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation.   I've made no secret of my contempt for the Obamas.   As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don't like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

I don't hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America .  They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama's raw contempt for white America is transpicuous.

I don't like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress.   I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President and a love of our country and her citizenry from the leader entrusted with the governance of same.   President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an unparalleled love for the country and her people.  The Reagan's made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish.   His arrogance by appointing 32 leftist czars and constantly bypassing congress is impeachable.   Eric Holder is probably the MOST incompetent and arrogant DOJ head to ever hold the job. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even using that low standard, the Obama's have taken lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths.   They are verbally abusive to the citizenry, and they display an animus for civility.

I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to now being able to be proud of America.   I view that statement and that mindset as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful, position in the world.  Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites because Americans of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do same.

I have a saying, that "the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide."   No president in history has spent over a million dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.
And what the two of them have shared has been proved to be lies.   He lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother's death and problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family.   He has lied about his father's military service, about the civil rights movement, ad nausea.   He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address.   He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman.   He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist academicians today.   He opposed rulings that protected women and children that even Planned Parenthood did not seek to support.   He is openly hostile to business and aggressively hostile to Israel .   His wife treats being the First Lady as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most prestigious credit card in the world).   I condemn them because, as people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life of entitlement - as he goes about creating and fomenting class warfare.

I don't like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public condemnation of them and of his policies.   We should condemn them for the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional authority.

Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin; it has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies.   And I have open scorn for their constantly playing the race card.
I could go on, but let me conclude with this.  I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to label them for what they truly are.   There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

As I wrote in a syndicated column titled, "Nero In The White House" - "Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader.  He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed.   Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled.  Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood...   Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders.   He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement - while America 's people go homeless, hungry and unemployed.”

Man Butchers Babies, Where Is The Media?

Media? Celebrities? Outrage? Enough said!

Full story can be found here...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

You Just Can't Make This $#!% Up!

Lately there have been so many things that have made me say HUH?!  So I placed them in a nice little list, all tied with a bow.

Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley has instituted a tax on citizens for the amount of rain that falls on their property.  ~ Yep, they are literally placing a tax on rain~
More info here...


Stupid, Racist, Losers, Last vestige of angry white men, Sons of Bitches...and that was after only 3 minutes into it.  (Talk about angry white men?)  Yeah, that pot meet kettle thing!


The state of California is reportedly considering legislation that would force group insurance policies to provide infertility treatment for gay and lesbian couples. Two men who have sex with each other for a year and do not produce a baby would be considered “infertile” under the proposed legislation. So would two women having sex. Since biology does not allow those without a uterus to conceive or those without a penis to impregnate, every year-long gay couple in California would potentially be covered by this new provision of California law.     For more info click here.   

Ummm, Is infertility treatment even paid for, for straight couples?   This is one of the most insane things I've ever read.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Too Much Tolerance

The technical definition of tolerant from:

 Webster is:  [Adjective] Enduring; indulgent; favoring toleration.

Wictionary:  [Adjective] tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something

We all hear the word tolerance thrown around in today's society as if it's nothing.  We need to be tolerant of Islam, while they seek to destroy anyone that does not believe as they do.  We must be tolerant of the LGBT community and if you happen to believe in the sanctity of marriage, you are suddenly homophobic.  We need to be tolerant of atheists who think we talk to " magical fairies in the sky."  We need to be tolerant of those poor "illegal immigrants" or whatever the new politically correct name for them is.  We work our asses off and they get free stuff.  I never thought I saw the day that you would get rewarded for being a criminal.

The word has been used and abused so badly that even hearing the word makes my eyes roll.  It's great to be open minded and I am.  I usually listen to all sides of an issue before I make up my mind. (well, most of the time, anyway :p )  With that said, I am really sick and tired of being told that I need to be tolerant.  Where is the tolerance to Christians?  Or straight people?  It is exactly the same with the word racist.  I do not like racism but from being abused, when I get called a racist for disliking the monster that is destroying our country, I laugh.  The word has become a joke and that is the same path the word "tolerant" is going.

By now, I have made my opinions on gay marriage really clear but just in case you haven't read it, click on my post.  The majority of people are not gay.  The majority of people are not Islam and yet they bend over backwards trying to accommodate their every need.  Their comes a time when the word tolerant takes on different meaning.  Changing some of the most important liberties and freedoms we enjoy to make a few people happy is overkill and we are seeing it more and more often.  When are we going to stop catering to those that want to change what the very elements that make this country what it is.

A little bit of tolerance is a good thing.  It is taking the time to understand different cultures and religions, but when those asking for tolerance can't manage to find some of their own it becomes hypocritical and destroys any credibility they might have had.

"I learned that very often the most intolerant and narrow-minded people are the ones who congratulate themselves on their tolerance and open-mindedness."
                       ~ Christopher Hitchens 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Huge Win.... I Think Not!

This was the headline that I came across today that I couldn't let pass.  Click the link for the full article.

Huge win for morning-after pill; judge lifts age restriction

All I could think about were the words "Huge Win."  I thought to myself...For who?  For parents that care about their children and are involved in their lives? What about for 12 year old children that will go out and use this medicine without any guidance at all?  I actually don't have anything against the morning pill when used appropriately.  They are essential in cases of rape.

To me, this is all about personal responsibility.  The moronic governer of NY wants to ban soda because we apparently can't control ourselves and yet this is somehow okay? Society has pretty much given up on personal responsibility so why should I be surprised? 

Girls can't be given an aspirin in the hospital or school and yet at a pharmacy, hey no problem, hand them out like they are candy.  Since when does a judge know more than FDA and HHS

 People talk so much about "rights," but what about the parents' right?  Children can't vote, drive, drink, buy cigarettes, or work until a certain age for good reason.  They are not responsible enough at that age.  So what makes anyone think making it legal to buy prescriptions drugs is a good idea.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Lying, Proof, Trust......

It dates back all the ways to the days of Christ when doubting Thomas needed proof to know that Jesus lived.  It is the way most of us live now.  Until we see proof with our own eyes, we tend to question the veracity of what we hear and for good reason.  Lying is common, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do.  Whether it be little white lies to spare another's feelings or a big whopper to get out of trouble.

Determining if you are trustworthy depends on one thing.  Are you a liar?  Can people know without a shadow of doubt that you are telling the truth?  Obama has been caught in many lies, not that you would know the facts if you don't follow politics.  The media gives him a pass but I do not.  I don't trust him, nor anything that comes out of his mouth. When he is POTUS, it is just not acceptable.

Want some proof that Obama lies? Get it here.

Ok, now that we have established Obama is in fact a liar-in-chief, let's get to the heart of the matter, shall we  How can we be sure that everything that comes from his mouth isn't a lie?  Simple answer...We can't!  So when he "says" he was born in Hawaii and yet resists time and again from clearing it up by simply producing a birth certificate, it looks suspicious.

When he says that Bin Laden is dead and they toss him overboard for his burial at sea and yet will not release any photos.  If he is truly dead and not just a boon for a presidential campaign, then let the family of the survivors see the pictures and get closure.  He has an excuse for that too.

Lying about Benghazi, after proclaiming time and again that it was because of a video.  Then we find out he knew about it when it was happening and just let them die.  Now the survivors are no where to be found and unable to be questioned? Suspicious yet again.

Sandy Creek...There are a lot of conspiracy theories regarding this tragedy and I not only understand why, but have quite a few questions myself. So, you might ask, why I think that it may have been staged?  There are too many inconstancy's, click here to read them.    I have always thought people with conspiracy theories had a bit too much time on their hands or were slightly eccentric but you can't help but be suspicious when 2+2=5.

I don't know the truth about these events, but when they start lying and staging scenes, you just can't pretend that nothing is wrong.

Remember they showed this photo, saying it was when they were watching Bin Laden?

Hmmmm, interesting!

If your children or spouse lied to you on a daily basis, what would you do?  Punish them?  Yeah maybe.  Leave them? Maybe depending on what it is.   So why on earth do we accept it from our your president?

Monday, April 01, 2013

Word War...

"It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back ... for blacks to be back in the back of the bus ... for women to be back in the kitchen ... for immigrants to be back on their side of the border," Dr. Luis Leon said at the Easter service attended by the Obamas."

These are the words from the anti-right preacher that gave the Easter sermon to the Obama family on Sunday.  It is reprehensible for a Man of God to politicize from the podium and even worse are the implications.  I am getting sick and tired of being "homophobic,"  when all I want to do is preserve the sanctity of marriage.  I am not "against women" because I believe that babies are a gift from God and should not be butchered at a woman's whim.  I am not "racist" because I hate what this sad excuse for a president is doing to this country.  I am not "intolerant" because I feel that illegal immigrants are criminals and are breaking the law every minute they are here and it's a slap to the face of every immigrant that went through the legal process to become a citizen.  Finally I am not a child hater because I believe in the Constitution and my 2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms!!

It's getting to be a habit of Obama to go and listen to preachers that hate either conservatives, white people or America.  As president you would think that he would be more discriminating on who he chooses to preach to his family.  Apparently they don't mind their children learning to hate and become racist.  Then again this doesn't surprise me one bit.  He doesn't have the best taste in friends nor the people he assigns jobs.  I mean really, John Kerry? Chuck Hagel?

We need to start fighting back and fighting hard.  We cannot allow these people to label us and portray us this way.  It showed in the last election that "words" can make a difference.  As long as we let them win the word war, they will continue to win elections, especially with the media pushing them from behind!