Saturday, April 06, 2013

Huge Win.... I Think Not!

This was the headline that I came across today that I couldn't let pass.  Click the link for the full article.

Huge win for morning-after pill; judge lifts age restriction

All I could think about were the words "Huge Win."  I thought to myself...For who?  For parents that care about their children and are involved in their lives? What about for 12 year old children that will go out and use this medicine without any guidance at all?  I actually don't have anything against the morning pill when used appropriately.  They are essential in cases of rape.

To me, this is all about personal responsibility.  The moronic governer of NY wants to ban soda because we apparently can't control ourselves and yet this is somehow okay? Society has pretty much given up on personal responsibility so why should I be surprised? 

Girls can't be given an aspirin in the hospital or school and yet at a pharmacy, hey no problem, hand them out like they are candy.  Since when does a judge know more than FDA and HHS

 People talk so much about "rights," but what about the parents' right?  Children can't vote, drive, drink, buy cigarettes, or work until a certain age for good reason.  They are not responsible enough at that age.  So what makes anyone think making it legal to buy prescriptions drugs is a good idea.

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