Saturday, April 20, 2013

Liberty - Guns = (Fill in the blank)

The Boston Marathon bombing has brought the country together again in a way that doesn't happen until faced with the safety of our country.  But at what cost?  This quote comes to mind...    

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin
There is a fine line between safety and freedom. We had two terrorists roaming the streets while the FBI tried to figure out who they were.  The citizens are the ones that stepped up and identified them which set into motion the massive manhunt.  The city went on lock down and illegal searches were conducted without warrants.  They can say it was a case of public safety, that it was for the greater good.  What they fail to understand is that by shutting the city down, the terrorists have won.  We have essentially given them the power to decide how we live.  I watched as the residents clapped and cheered for the policemen that took away their very freedoms away without them even realizing it. The suspect was captured because a man taking a smoke break after getting the all clear from the police.  Maybe Boston would have been a little bit more prepared if gun control wasn't so strict.  Maybe it would have saved a life.  Maybe it would have provided some comfort to the residents.

If you look around at other countries such as Israel and so many of the other Middle Eastern countries, it's a part of daily life.  Imagine them shutting down at every threat of violence.  So what is the answer?  I think the answer lies in our immigration policies  We need to secure our borders.  We need to stop being so afraid of offending our enemies.  We need to enforce our laws.  The FBI need to take it seriously when other countries suspect terrorist's activity from our own citizens.  Just because they reside in the United States doesn't make them safe.  It doesn't mean that your neighbors, classmates, friends or acquaintances won't blow you to pieces if they get the chance.

This is just the beginning my friends.  As other terrorists see what a weak president and nation we have become, they will start exploiting those weaknesses.  They already have and it will only get worse.  They are laughing at us, as politicians try to take all the guns from the innocent people while knowing that the bad guys will get them any way they have to.  If Obama would've spent half the time that he spends on "gun control" on national security maybe that 8 year old boy might still be alive.  (You know, cause he cares about the children so much.)

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