Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Lying, Proof, Trust......

It dates back all the ways to the days of Christ when doubting Thomas needed proof to know that Jesus lived.  It is the way most of us live now.  Until we see proof with our own eyes, we tend to question the veracity of what we hear and for good reason.  Lying is common, no matter who you are, where you live or what you do.  Whether it be little white lies to spare another's feelings or a big whopper to get out of trouble.

Determining if you are trustworthy depends on one thing.  Are you a liar?  Can people know without a shadow of doubt that you are telling the truth?  Obama has been caught in many lies, not that you would know the facts if you don't follow politics.  The media gives him a pass but I do not.  I don't trust him, nor anything that comes out of his mouth. When he is POTUS, it is just not acceptable.

Want some proof that Obama lies? Get it here.

Ok, now that we have established Obama is in fact a liar-in-chief, let's get to the heart of the matter, shall we  How can we be sure that everything that comes from his mouth isn't a lie?  Simple answer...We can't!  So when he "says" he was born in Hawaii and yet resists time and again from clearing it up by simply producing a birth certificate, it looks suspicious.

When he says that Bin Laden is dead and they toss him overboard for his burial at sea and yet will not release any photos.  If he is truly dead and not just a boon for a presidential campaign, then let the family of the survivors see the pictures and get closure.  He has an excuse for that too.

Lying about Benghazi, after proclaiming time and again that it was because of a video.  Then we find out he knew about it when it was happening and just let them die.  Now the survivors are no where to be found and unable to be questioned? Suspicious yet again.

Sandy Creek...There are a lot of conspiracy theories regarding this tragedy and I not only understand why, but have quite a few questions myself. So, you might ask, why I think that it may have been staged?  There are too many inconstancy's, click here to read them.    I have always thought people with conspiracy theories had a bit too much time on their hands or were slightly eccentric but you can't help but be suspicious when 2+2=5.

I don't know the truth about these events, but when they start lying and staging scenes, you just can't pretend that nothing is wrong.

Remember they showed this photo, saying it was when they were watching Bin Laden?

Hmmmm, interesting!

If your children or spouse lied to you on a daily basis, what would you do?  Punish them?  Yeah maybe.  Leave them? Maybe depending on what it is.   So why on earth do we accept it from our your president?


  1. The only thing certain I can say about the President's relationship with the Truth is that it's nonexistent