Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Too Much Tolerance

The technical definition of tolerant from:

 Webster is:  [Adjective] Enduring; indulgent; favoring toleration.

Wictionary:  [Adjective] tending to permit, allow, understand, or accept something

We all hear the word tolerance thrown around in today's society as if it's nothing.  We need to be tolerant of Islam, while they seek to destroy anyone that does not believe as they do.  We must be tolerant of the LGBT community and if you happen to believe in the sanctity of marriage, you are suddenly homophobic.  We need to be tolerant of atheists who think we talk to " magical fairies in the sky."  We need to be tolerant of those poor "illegal immigrants" or whatever the new politically correct name for them is.  We work our asses off and they get free stuff.  I never thought I saw the day that you would get rewarded for being a criminal.

The word has been used and abused so badly that even hearing the word makes my eyes roll.  It's great to be open minded and I am.  I usually listen to all sides of an issue before I make up my mind. (well, most of the time, anyway :p )  With that said, I am really sick and tired of being told that I need to be tolerant.  Where is the tolerance to Christians?  Or straight people?  It is exactly the same with the word racist.  I do not like racism but from being abused, when I get called a racist for disliking the monster that is destroying our country, I laugh.  The word has become a joke and that is the same path the word "tolerant" is going.

By now, I have made my opinions on gay marriage really clear but just in case you haven't read it, click on my post.  The majority of people are not gay.  The majority of people are not Islam and yet they bend over backwards trying to accommodate their every need.  Their comes a time when the word tolerant takes on different meaning.  Changing some of the most important liberties and freedoms we enjoy to make a few people happy is overkill and we are seeing it more and more often.  When are we going to stop catering to those that want to change what the very elements that make this country what it is.

A little bit of tolerance is a good thing.  It is taking the time to understand different cultures and religions, but when those asking for tolerance can't manage to find some of their own it becomes hypocritical and destroys any credibility they might have had.

"I learned that very often the most intolerant and narrow-minded people are the ones who congratulate themselves on their tolerance and open-mindedness."
                       ~ Christopher Hitchens 

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