Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Confession # 5

It might not be an easy choice, but it's always your choice. Some people see a field of dandelions as a bunch of weeds. They take a deep breath and groan they see a job, a chore. I choose to see it as a thousand wishes waiting for me to just close my eyes. Take a deep breath and blow. -Christine bydls

This is my life...any day and everyday.  It can be one or it could be ten of them all at once..  They can be an annoyance or they can keep me bed ridden. Imagine feeling one of these symptoms, let alone many of them at the same time. Just gives you an idea of my everyday.


Fainting or near fainting

Generalized weakness


Shortness of breath

Excessive sweating

Delayed gastric emptying


Abdominal pain



Sleep disorders



Exercise intolerance




Intolerance to heat

Cognitive impairment (may include difficulties with concentration, brain fog, memory and/or word recall)

High blood pressure

Chemical sensitivities (May have multiple chemical sensitivity and can be very sensitive to medications - may only need small doses)

Easily over-stimulated

Feeling "wired"

Loss of sex drive

Weight gain

Restless leg syndrome

POTS symptoms can vary from day to day. They tend to multiply and become exaggerated upon upright posture. Blood flow and blood pressure regulation are also abnormal while supine or sitting, but these abnormalities may not be as apparent and may require orthostatic stress to become evident. Some patients do report symptoms occurring while sitting or lying down. Heat, exercise and eating can exacerbate symptoms.

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