Saturday, May 04, 2013

The American Dream....Free Stuff

Immigration.....  A chance to find the "American Dream."  A country where they could be free of religious and political persecution.  Most came here with nothing more than the clothes on their back and a willingness to work hard. Their first view was the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, not the deserts of Arizona or Texas.  Some even became indentured servants to pay for the cost of the voyage.  They left family back home until they had the money to pay for tickets for the family. It wasn't pretty.  Horrific conditions on the journey over left many dead before they could even glimpse the land they sacrificed their lives for.  When they came to the United States, they were Americans, free to pursue their dreams, whether it be good farming land to provide for their family, or to be able to pray in peace.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times It was tough! It sure wasn't pretty, but with pride and a sense of purpose they sacrificed and made this country into a place where hard work was rewarded instead of punished.  That last sentence should have never had to been written, but we have a president who is in favor of wealth distribution.  What's just as bad, is that we now have a society who expects something for nothing.  It's gone from a "What you can do for your country," to "What can your country do for you."  That is heartbreaking to watch.

Sorry....went a little off topic there for a minute.

Immigration today does not even hold a candle to what it used to be.  Illegal Immigrants (I refuse to bend to pc) have no respect for our countries or the laws that govern it.  Just being here is breaking the law every day.  They feel like they have the right to sneak over the border and then demand things that they think they deserve.  They march in protest.  In my opinion that is height of arrogance.  If I was a rapist, would I publicly announce it and then march up and down the streets claiming all rapists deserved rights.  I just can't get over the ignorance of such a statement.  Who the hell gave them any rights to begin with.  They snuck in.  They basically made a mockery of the legal immigration system.  To top it all off they have government behind them, defending them and wanting to grant them Amnesty.  Really?  Why have I spent 39 years following the law, attending school, working my butt off, paying taxes, paying health care rates through the roof and sacrificing to raise my family, while these criminals walk around enjoying the fruits of my labor (for a lack of a better word)?

Amnesty...just the word makes me angry.  Why do illegal immigrants deserve it?  What have they done?  Should we not arrest thieves? Murderers? Drug dealers?  Drunk Drivers?  I could go on but I think you get the point.

So what is the answer you are probably wondering at this point.  Good question, I have no idea!   That's the great thing about being an ordinary citizen, I don't have to.  That's why Congress gets paid the big bucks.  What I do know is that before you do anything else, you need to secure the border.  I don't care whether you build the "Great Wall of America" or have the entire military marching up and down the wall.  Okay, they may be extreme but if we don't stop the flow coming in before we "do something," they will keep flooding in.  You can bail water out of your boat all day long but if you don't plug the hole, you accomplish nothing.  I think the solution lies somewhere between rounding them up and shipping them out, and letting them stay but with limits, restrictions, fines, and community service.  Whatever they decide, it had better be fast, before we have another Boston Marathon bombing.  It will happen, it's just a matter of when.

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