Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wife Swap Lesson...

I watched an episode of Wife Swap, not something I would normally do.  It was on after Grey's Anatomy and I was too lazy to find the remote control.  Anyway, it was about a family in Texas that was too strict. Lot of rules, lots of chores.  Then there was a family that was "Rastafari."  The family had dreadlocks.  The kids were totally disheveled, and they all slept in the same bed.  The father didn't work but spent his nights jamming with his reggae band.  He kept saying "Ja" would provide.  No proper schooling and the kids decided what they wanted to do for the day, which found them at the beach quite often. They had thirty dollars in their bank account and were extremely proud of that.

The first week the woman have to live with the rules of the house and the 2nd week the family has to live with mother's rules.  The strict family, although it was difficult tried their best to comply with the rules that had been given but it was a total different situation in the "peace loving" house. He would not follow the rules and continually called her names and treated her very badly.

Now, finally getting to the point........  The people crying out for tolerance are themselves the worst offenders.  Tolerance works both ways as does respect.  This brought to my mind the gay marriage debate.  I don't think they want equality.  I think they want attention.  I think they want to tear down the morality of marriage in our culture.  They don't want "civil unions", they want "gay marriage."

I just turned off the news.  I could not watch it another minute without throwing my computer at the tv.  The administration is corrupt.  It is so corrupt that it honestly boggles my mind.  Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Eric Colter, IRS targeting the Tea Party...where the hell is the outrage people?  Why hasn't Obama been impeached, or more appropriately put in jail?  He is either a complete and useless excuse of a president or he is a criminal, probably both.  He is a liar.  He is a fraud.  I think people are quickly seeing his true colors, but now it's too late.  I told you so is little compensation.

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