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Anthony on Gun Control.....

At least my son Anthony knows what the Constitution is......

Gun Control Controversy 

There are two main sides to the argument over gun control. You can say that guns are dangerous and the guns kill many citizens and cause mayhem, or you can say that guns are a right for American citizens and it is needed. The logical answer though, is we need guns. Without guns, it would be very scary. About Fifty-six percent of Americans believe we should still own guns, but honestly, that number should be a whole lot higher. That number is so high because we wouldn’t have the protection, the 2nd Amendment provides us.  Guns are used for self-defense, and without guns we would have a government that would have unlimited power and resources.
The Right to bear arms is one of the most important rights of the United States citizens. Our founding fathers created this as the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution.. American Citizens had guns since 1791(The Right to Bear Arms, pg. 96). It is now 2013 and we are considering to get rid of guns. Why? There have been more and more killings throughout the years since the 1791 and if we take away guns, that number will sky rocket (The Right to Bear Arms, pg. 89). Also the 2nd amendment secures the individual rights to be armed when insecure against tyranny, invasion, and crime.  Our founding fathers protected us from this happening in the United States.  They knew what would happen if government got too big or too powerful.  Taking away gun rights would leave us vulnerable should tyranny ever occur. By limiting what guns we can use, the government cannot over power us while using machine guns while we are using handguns.
My second reason on which why we have to keep guns is because carrying handguns reduce crime. With thieves, murderers, and rapists many people can feel that they’re not safe at home. With a hand gun to protect themselves they can feel they are safe. Instead of 10,250,000 crimes, I bet it would well be over 15 million. Criminals would take advantage of the bans and would commit more crimes. Over 300 million citizens have guns (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A). 67% of these people have guns for their own protection (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A). And out of that 67% 65 million of them are handguns (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A). One of the statements in the Constitution is you have the right to feel safe and secure in your own home.  These men and women are doing what’s right for their friends and family. They have weapons to self-defend from any type of crime. But are their even that many crimes? Yes, an estimated 498,000 criminals try to break into homes each year (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A)! That’s almost estimated 1400 break-ins each day (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A)! Another 16,272 murderers commit and murder each year (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A). That’s estimated 44 people dying each day! If we didn’t have guns to protect ourselves I would be scared to see how high that number would be. With knowing these numbers, you think, well if guns didn’t exist that wouldn’t have happened. But the quote from Eddie Izzard, “? Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” really tells you that the guns aren’t the problem with the crimes (Carrying Concealed Weapons Reduce Crime, N/A). It’s the people’s actions that create the problem. Do better background checks for the guns? Do tests and examinations for the guns? That’s for the president to figure out. But, it’s not a decision to eliminate guns, we just can’t do it.
The last but certainly not the least difficulty in this controversy is an overpowering government. Do you know who was famous for having an overpowering and absolute dominating army, Adolf Hitler. Yes, Hitler took the Jews rights, in which were the right to bear arms, and just snatched it (Self Defense, N/A).  The Jews didn’t take it into consideration that the citizens wouldn’t have any power when they have no militarily power. They have no word when they can’t have or use the power of speech when physically the Germans can do and say what they want with their guns. Sooner or later as you know the Germans took all of the power and they killed over 6 million Jews (Self Defense, N/A). The Jews couldn’t do anything. I’m not saying Obama is going to be the new Hitler, but I’m not going to say it can’t happen if we don’t be smart and realize how important guns really are. And lastly, from research after research, I still can’t find out how our president can say we are going to ban guns, there too dangerous, but almost 24/7 he has security on buildings and roofs and in everywhere he goes. If he can be protected, why can’t we?
Millions and millions of people participate and contribute in the controversy over gun control. But if we think in between the lines and really look at the numbers, it would be a catastrophe if the United States citizens did not have the right or privilege to bear arms. We wouldn’t have protection, the 2nd amendment is meant for self-defense, and government break out would be a serious problem in the hands of power of word and military. All of it would disappear in a flash, and it would be too late. For 222 years now we have had the right to bear arms, and the government will not take them now.

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