Sunday, August 11, 2013

MLK Dream? I Don't Think So...

This is one of the most disgusting form of "art" that I have ever seen.  Besides being extremely race stirring it's not even accurate.  They should have had Zimmerman laying on the ground getting his head slammed into the concrete.  The message is supposed to be that we are all Trayvon Martin.  BUT I am NOT Trayvon Martin...I never smoked Pot or any other drugs, never assaulted anyone, never burglarized a house and stole female jewelry, never brought weed to school, never got suspended, and my parents never kicked me out of the house.

I was not at the store buying the ingredients to make a "Purple Drank." Nor do I have any liver damage from drugs. 

 I am nothing like Trayvon Martin, even the slightest little bit.  There are thousands that are killed by violence and yet a case in which the "victim" (Zimmerman) was found innocent, is portrayed as art. Instead of trying to improve the racial divide, she put up a constant reminder of this so called "crime."

  The picture shows MLK looking away... I think that is the only thing accurate in the whole twisted piece of garbage. I think he would be horrified to see what his dream has become.

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