Monday, September 09, 2013

Obama Is Making A Joke Out Of This Country, and I Am One Pissed Off American!!

This has been a long time coming but it's time I let it out.  Obama is not my president and he is most definitely not the president of the United States.  He may have the "title" but to be president you must love this country and what it stands for and protect it with everything you are.

The President of the United States would not send money/ammunition/assistance to Islamic extremists like the Muslim Brotherhood. He would never be too busy partying with celebs, golfing or careless, letting four Americans in Benghazi die.   If he did, the last thing he would do is LIE and blame it on a video.  I don't think there has been one truthful thing out of his mouth that I can think of.  His "transparent" release of documents?  Nope!  Obama care? Nope!  Benghazi? Nope!  Fast & Furious? Nope, not that either.

I see other countries getting together in unity against a dictator and wonder why we don't.  Haven't we sat quietly for too long while this incompetent, arrogant, pretentious, excuse for a human being is ruining our country?  All presidents make mistakes and do some stupid things, but his is actual hatred for who and what we are.  He doesn't represent me.  People say I am racist because I don't like him but the fact is I don't like the white half either.  He is a Muslim and he can pretend to go to church and not hear the anti-American filth from his pastor, but he doesn't fool me.  If you don't see that then you are either blind or stupid.  I don't usually say too much about people that like him, but if you can't see him for the traitor he is, you need to open your eyes.  I shouldn't have to suffer from your stupidity.  I shouldn't have to sacrifice because of your dependency on government programs.  I shouldn't have to wake up knowing any day this idiot in chief could start World War lll because of your ignorance.  I am tired of being tolerant and I want him out.  I want this Muslim/Muslim sympathizer out of office.

So many countries are standing up for what they believe in but what about us.  I say it's time to take this country back before it becomes too late.  The media can kiss my pretty white tush!  They are just as bad if not worse than Obama.  The manipulation of video's and soundbites to deceive us.  Ummm... Trayvon Martin anyone?  Or do you watch MSNBC and don't know what they did to the audio?

This Syria situation is the last straw!  I am pissed off that instead of looking to us as a superpower we have become a joke.  That's right, other countries are laughing at us.  We tried to warn you that he had absolutely no experience and that bowing to other countries would not make us their friends, it made us weak!  We have lost their respect and any integrity we might have had.   You made a stupid statement (then again, what should we really expect) and now you are desperately trying to save face by handing it off to Congress.'s a wee bit too late for that.  People are finally seeing you for who and what you are.


Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Poem I Wrote.... A Day With Dysautonomia

I was feeling a bit discouraged tonight and tried to put it into words...

A Day With Dysautonomia

My tears, they fall down like rain,
I try so hard to hide the pain.
My broken body, tired and bruised
My spirit, my hope so cruelly misused.

Acceptance seems so hard to find
Limits and sacrifice consume my mind.
I long for sleep to end the sorrow
Another day, another tomorrow.

Gravity my enemy, salt my new best friend
Mixed signals to my organs, my defective brain sends.
Blood pressure, too high or low
Heart rate, too fast or too slow.

Light headed and dizzy                                                  
Simply by standing,
Walking a few steps
is incredibly demanding.

My chair, my refuge
Just a few feet away.
My comfort yet my jail
I will spend most of my day.

Existing in a vessel
that I can not control.
It takes a toll on my body
and it tortures my soul.

With each new treatment
 I give it my all.
Yet with every turn,
I face another wall.

Normal is not a word I hear,
Life passing by is one of my greatest fears.
Happy, laughing, smiling,I loved to play
Angry tears fill my eyes, when I think of those days

I don't look in the mirror, I'm too afraid to see
the empty, sad face staring back at me.
Yet deep inside, my faith is strong.
It refuses to quit,and gives me the strength to go on.

A silent prayer to get me through the day
A deep breath and I am on my way.
Little steps are all I can make,
But I find out that it is all it takes.

Jennifer Crispaldi