Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Boston Children's Hospital Turned Into A Jail...

This is a story that hits too close to home and to hear these stories...it literally makes me sick!  In what world is this okay?  A child belongs with his/her parents unless they are being abused.  This child is NOT, nor is this child being denied care by her parents.

I have been sick a good portion of my life.  I've been told that I was crazy, faking, and finally was labeled with anxiety and had so many drugs thrown at me, some with extremely dangerous side effects/withdraw symptoms.  It was a little over a year ago that they finally put 2 + 2 together and finally found out what disorder has been destroying my life.  Of course that added even more medicine but this time, they started helping.  My parents, husband and children are the only reason I am still here today.  I can't even imagine going through this stuck at a hospital with no family or friends.  I can't imagine what a nightmare this is for the parents.  What makes it even worse is this is not an isolated case!!  If we don't take a stand, who will?  Just think how you would feel if this was your child...

"Currently  15 year old  Justina Pellitier from CT has been held at Bostons Children Hospital going on 10 months! Her parents and family are no longer allowed on BCH property.

.These very ill children are being locked in a psych ward "Badger 5" and family members are being harassed by BCH AND DCF.

The trauma to a child (and entire family), especially a sick child to be taken away from their family and home and put in this situation is detrimental to the child's overall well being. Getting a supervised visit of 1 hour and 2 -20 minute supervised phone calls a week is not good enough."

There is a facebook page that is supporting Justina's release... BCSH   Please take a moment to visit and like the page and support the effort to save this child from this hospital turned jail!!

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