Friday, December 20, 2013

A Little Bit Of Everything

It's been a while since I've written but if I keep one more thing inside I am going to explode. we go.

Phil Robertson... The man has an opinion about homosexuality.  He expressed said opinion in an interview. He had every right to his opinion just as A&E had every right to not like his opinion. Which they didn't.  A&E had every right to "fire" him just as the many, many, many fans have the right to boycott A & E for their actions.  The last time I remember a political suicide like this is those Dixie Chicks.  If you've never heard of them....yeah, point made.  Personally, I found it hysterical.  He most definitely has a way with words.and has no use for political correctness which in my book, is a breath of fresh air compared to the walking on eggshells that has become the norm.  A& have lost a few viewers in this family!!

Watched the Flyers game yesterday against the Caps and although they kicked butt I was bothered by the Wilson hit against Schenn.  To make it worse today I hear that he had gotten off scott free.  Unless they start having consequences for dangerous hits, it will only increase.  I love the "rough and tough" of hockey but getting seriously hurt is not part of the picture.  Luckily he was uninjured and I can't help but wonder if that is what made the difference.

Christians under attack!  I'm not sure where to begin because there are so many things I want to say!!  I think that we need to create a new word.  Christianphobic. According to different polls, Christianity makes up 78.4% (up to 83% in some polls) and atheists make up 1.6% and agnostics 2.4%.  So according to those statistics, well above the majority of American's are Christian.  Now that we have established that I ask you...Why do they seem to have the loudest and strongest voice?  How can one complaint from an aethist ban prayer for an entire graduating class?  Crosses coming down, Ten Commandments removed, the mere mention of Jesus' name on a TV show offends somebody, the Pledge of Allegiance under attack?  Where is the Christian uproar? Why are we so quiet while this secular world takes God out of our country?  How much are we going to give up before we say enough?

Homosexuality... Where is your tolerance for Christianity.  You bitch and moan about how "homophobic" someone is because they don't agree with being gay but yet attack Christian with that same "tolerance."  Sorry but it doesn't work that way.  I believe gay people should have the same rights as straight people except for marriage.  I've explained this in my past posts here.  so I won't get into it yet again.  You can have your rainbow parades...but don't tell me that I have to

Finally Obamacare...  Where should I begin with this train wreck?  Cancelled plans, high deductibles and expensive plans...Oh my!  Seriously though I applied, didn't really have a choice because well, I am sick and need surgery.  My plan was cancelled so I was stuck.  This was over a week ago.  They said there was some kind of discrepancy and they needed proof of benefits, so I went and found all my paperwork, scanned it to my computer and uploaded it onto their site.  After a week of nothing I went on again today and had a conversation with the idiotic chat lady.  Read below and you will understand.....

So as of January I will not have insurance and won't be able to schedule surgery.  I applied in plenty of time but hey it's Obamacare, did I really think it would work?  Someone remind me why Obamacare is so great and going to help so many people because it has been nothing but trouble for me!!