Saturday, January 18, 2014

Who Was The Real Victim?

Dennis McGuire was a murderer and a rapist!  He had the blood of 3 victims on his hands.  Joy was expecting a child and her husband ultimately took his own life after losing his newlywed wife and unborn child. Dennis strangled her.  He slit Joy Stewart's throat, not once, but twice, and severed the carotid artery and jugular vein.  She was anally sodomized. To top it off, he tried to frame his brother-in-law for the murder.

Dennis was tried and sentenced to death.  His execution took 25 minutes.  I wonder how long Joy was anally sodomized?  Outrage because Dennis gasped a couple times during the execution..  I wonder how many times Joy gasped for air as he slit her throat twice? Shall we compare the pain and suffering of each of their deaths?

This quote by the defense attorney says it all......
"All citizens have a right to expect that they will not be treated or punished in a cruel and unusual way"  

YES!!   I couldn't agree with him more.  Joy had every right to expect that she not be "treated or punished in an unusual way."  Dennis took away that right from her and her baby.  Sorry if I don't have any sympathy for a murderer and rapist, but hearing the family was going to sue because he gasped, was just too much.  Her death was brutal as she lay drowning in her own blood after being anally sodomized.  His family should be ashamed of themselves.  Maybe they should revisit the details of the crime and remember which one of them was the victim.  Execution means death....where exactly does it say that it has to be pleasant or painless?  I hope the judge throws this out of court and makes them pay the true victim for putting them through the trauma all over again.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boston Children's Hospital....Jail Or Hospital?

These cases are becoming far too common.  Hospitals and government getting to high and mighty and deciding what is best for our children.  Unless we start standing up and taking a stand, these cases will continue to rise.  Imagine if this was your child?  Imagine being limited to just a few hours a week to spend with her?  Imagine what this poor girl is going through?  She is sick and scared and locked in a psychiatrist ward in a hospital where nothing is familiar.  I've written about this before because it is so close to my heart.  To read my other post on Justina, it can be found here.

PANDAS - It's not just the cute little bear that lives in China and eats bamboo.  Educate yourself about this rare and debilitating order that doctors fear like the plague.

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