Sunday, January 12, 2014

Boston Children's Hospital....Jail Or Hospital?

These cases are becoming far too common.  Hospitals and government getting to high and mighty and deciding what is best for our children.  Unless we start standing up and taking a stand, these cases will continue to rise.  Imagine if this was your child?  Imagine being limited to just a few hours a week to spend with her?  Imagine what this poor girl is going through?  She is sick and scared and locked in a psychiatrist ward in a hospital where nothing is familiar.  I've written about this before because it is so close to my heart.  To read my other post on Justina, it can be found here.

PANDAS - It's not just the cute little bear that lives in China and eats bamboo.  Educate yourself about this rare and debilitating order that doctors fear like the plague.

Mitochondrial Disease
Faith (RIP)

Justina Pettetier

Elizabeth Wray

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Chelsey Cruz (RIP)

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Levi Strout

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  1. Thank you for putting all of these children in one location.

    Very sad.

  2. You do realize that a person can tell any story that they want, right? Just like BCH may be lying, some of these stories may be full of mistruths/inaccuracies. Specifically, Faith's story. RIP

  3. Anon...of course their is probably more to each story but it doesn't make the actions of BCH right in any way. If this was one isolated incident I would understand the hesitation, but this is just one of many cases. The facts that are known about Justina's case are very damning in itself. The copy of her medical care that says no second medical opinion?