Friday, June 27, 2014

Where Is My Country? If You Find It Let Me Know!

Where on earth is the country that I grew up on?

Where a kid could twirl a pencil in his hand, eat a pop tart, make a gesture with his fingers and not get expelled or suspended for having a "gun" in school.

Where your word actually meant something.

Where hospitals kidnap children and use them as guinea pigs for psychiatric drugs so doctors and drug companies can line their pockets with "drug money."

Where a president actually loves his country and the people in it.  Where a president embraces freedom and fights for it and does not aid and abet the enemy.

Where breaking the law actually had consequences rather than trying to provide amnesty and other resources to those that break it.

Where we were economically, morally and military strong.

Where a lie was really a lie and you were called out on it instead of it being covered up by the media and politicians.

Where people's lives actually held value rather than being expendable when they no longer became important or threatened exposure.

Where you could send your kids to school without fearing the absolute crap they are being indoctrinated on.

Where America is a powerhouse and people actually respected us rather than us being a complete joke.

Where being patriotic was a good thing and something to be proud of.

Where you didn't live with the fear of always offending someone when expressing an opinion.

Where the American Flag was something to be respected and a sober reminder of the sacrifices of our military.

Where immigrants came to this country legally and blended in instead of trying to change the country.

Where the Constitution mattered to Congress and the president.

Where personal responsibility was expected rather than looked down upon.

Where welfare wasn't a way of making a living.

This is a total different country than what I was raised in.

 I am saddened that this is the country that my children are growing up in.  All I can do is pray for this nation that so desperately needs it and teach my children the morals and values that our parents have passed on to us.

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