Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ferguson MO....Hands Up, Don't Shoot

Do we live in a zoo? Because all I see at the moment are a bunch of animals!  
Actually, to compare them to animals is unfair because most animals do not act as barbaric as what I am seeing. What am I looking at? The riots, looting and violence in Ferguson MO all because of the death of Michael Brown, who was dubbed "The Gentle Giant."  As details are emerging, Michael Brown is looking less like a "Gentle Giant" and more like a criminal, thief, thug _____________ (you can fill in the blank.  Not to long before the altercation with the cop, Brown and his friend (Dorian Johnson) strong-arm robbed a liquor store. 

 This same "friend/accomplice" is also being used as a "credible" witness to what happened, even after admitting he and Michael took part in the robbery  

They say he was unarmed but I ask you this... Can your fist be a weapon?  In this case and many others, the answer is absolutely, especially considering the police officer has broken bones in his orbital area (eyes). 
Knowing he probably was filled with adrenaline from the robbery (and pot per toxicity report) definitely gives us a glimpse of what Darren Wilson was up against.  A 6ft 4', 300lb man that is throwing a fist into your face. How would you react? I would have done the same thing!
 Did Brown go for the gun, we may never know.  We can only take the officer's word for it, which at this point, facts are supporting.  The "witnesses" that say he was running away with his hands up, were proved wrong with the autopsy report, as there are no bullets in his back.

Darren Wilson now lives his life in fear.   He was a 6 year veteran that received a commendation for 'extraordinary effort in the line of duty' in February.  Yet people judge him without knowing any facts.  Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

My biggest issue with all this is the looting and "protesting" going on after the event. Using your 1st Amendment Right to protest what you perceive is an injustice is a right that we all have in this country. That isn't what happened.  Instead of waiting till all the facts are in and then deciding what the best action to take was, they came in like a pack of wolves and destroyed everything in sight.  Why?  Will it bring Brown back?  What exactly were they protesting?  That a cop killed a criminal? Or was it only that a white cop shot a innocent black kid that was just getting ready for college?  Unfortunately as more information is revealed the picture that is forming is a criminal that went after the cop and ended up losing his life for it.  Forensics don't lie and in the end, that will tell us the full story of what did or did not happen.

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