Thursday, September 17, 2015

Post Debate Analysis...

1)  CNN wanted ratings and pitted candidates against each other.  It didn't work for Fox and didn't work here either. This country is so screwed up at this point that I want answers and details.

2) Trump is nothing but a sideshow at this point.  He is a entertainer, not a leader.  When you can't manage to get through one day without insulting someones looks or abilities, how are you going to deal with fragile diplomatic negotiations. Yes, we know you "Are rich" and "Will make America great again."   I would like to know how.  Details.  Trump is as clueless as Obama was and makes the same empty promises.  If you want more of Obama, then by all means pick Trump.  Do I even need to mention 4 bankruptcies?  It is not the Donald Trump show and the sooner the media and "fans" start realizing that the better.

3) Carly rocked it! Enough said.

4) Scott Walker, who I still really like, had no time to do much, if anything.  He needs to start getting passionate or he will be the next dropping out.

5) Christie and Rubio stepped it up and I expect their ratings to go up.

6) Jeb was a little more energetic this time but he is just not Conservative enough for me.

7) Carson was just kind of blah. I like what he has to say but he needs some pep in his step.

8) I like Huck, he just doesn't have the support he needs.

9) Paul and Kasich just ugh, don't do it for me.

10) Cruz is my guy.  He is passionate and knowledgeable and not afraid to speak his mind. I would love to see him as our next president!!!!

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