Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Response to a Meme...

Someone posted this about me in a tweet, and I want to take this meme apart point by point.  I can only speak for myself, not all Christians.

1) I do not oppose gay rights at all, but I do not agree with changing the meaning of the word "marriage" to support a gay agenda.  Civil unions should be used by the government for everyone with all rights included.  Islamic Militants throw gays off the roof.  Note the difference.

2) I have no problem with them teaching evolution as a theory as well as all the different alternatives, such as creation as well.  Islamic Militants?  Their kids learn how to kill infidels and practice beheading them.  Note the difference.

3) Simply, I like the Constitution.  I like state rights and don't believe the federal govt should be legislating over education, health care, etc.  The IM want to rule by Sharia law, so yeah, this is also false.

4) Ah yes abortion.  I am realistic and know that Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned but I believe that the disgusting and horrifying act of murder should be held to strict standards. Absolutely no partial birth abortions.  Do IM oppose abortions, idk but if they do, then that is probably their one and only redeeming property.  That statement is 1/2 true but I will let you slide on that one.

5) Global Climate Change... Seriously? This is how you compare Christians to IM?  Stretching a little bit there...well actually a lot, but I will bite.  This is a subject that has a lot of the country divided and at all different levels.  I listen to both sides of the argument and make my own educated opinion.  As for the IM, I think they could care less about Global warming.  They are too busy trying to find martyrs that will blow themselves up for the "cause."  If you want more information, as an IM yourself.

6)  Where do we oppose equal rights for women?  I am not even going to argue this one because it is so obviously, patently wrong.  As  for IM, yes, their attitudes on women are horrible and disgusting!  There is no comparison on this one at all.  Moving on...

7) This statement is true.  I do believe our religion should be taught in school, just as Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam should be too.  It's a part of our history, present and future.  Again I wonder do their kids even go to school.  Next time you see an IM, ask him about their child's education.  The answer will probably be very interesting although you probably wouldn't be alive long enough to tell anyone.

8) This is my favorite by far.  They hate Obama.  Ding, Ding, Ding, you win a prize.  Yes, I most definitely hate Obama.  I hate what he has done to this country.  I hate what he has done to my family.  I am chronically ill and cannot get insurance. I am not getting the tests and treatments I desperately need. I don't qualify for medicaid because I qualify for medicare (which you have to pay for and only pays 80%.)  My husband has been busting his butt trying to find a job that pays more than the $11.00 he is currently making part time.  He cannot not find a job and let me tell you it's not from lack of trying or experience.  Within the last 5 years, my husband's place of work went bankrupt.  That was our downfall.  I got very ill and had/have no insurance.  We lost our house, our truck and were basically homeless with two teen boys.  We were blessed to have such great family around us that have gotten us through.  So yeah, Obama, Obama care and his disastrous presidency has ruined us.  His foreign affairs has been horrible, funding our enemies and alienating our allies.  Our country is in the worst shape that I have ever seen and I felt that was Obama's plan all along.  So yeah, hate is a very good word to describe somebody that has ruined my children's futures and have made our life what it is today.  The black thing? Couldn't give a rats ass what race he is, he is the worst president in history.  

Sorry to bust your bubble, but this meme is nothing but a joke and if that is the best you got, don't bother me.

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