Thursday, September 15, 2016


There once was a quote from a movie, "you can't win no matter what you do" and today, I heartbreakingly realized that it was true.  No matter how hard you fight, how many times you try, how much work you've done, how much effort you put into something, no matter how motivated you are, how positive you are, it just doesn't matter.  Nothing ever works out the way it should.  I've seen it time and time again and I keep fooling myself thinking that our "luck" has to change sometime, somewhere, in someway, right?.  All this trash that we've had to crawl through for so long has to have an end.  A place where we can just shake all the bad and negative away.  I look up and see a mountain of trash ahead.  I am tired and weary.

Why fight?  Why try? Why put your all into something that won’t matter.  Why put your heart into something that is destined to crash and burn?  Why, when I fall, do I get back up, only to fall harder and suffer more?  When do you say enough is enough?  When do you throw the white flag in and surrender to the inevitable?  When do you toss your dreams aside and just accept that you will never win.

“Never surrender” “You can do anything you put your mind to”  “Hard work pays off”  “Never give up”   They sound nice but in reality they are nothing but words.  Words that are meaningless.   The lazy win, the bad wins and the popular win so it really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

To All Trump Supporters...

I've been tweeting like a madwoman but they only give you a few sentences and I am not quite up on the shorthand of it yet. (although my are is now R and my you's are now U) Ok, back on topic  The frustration has been building and building as the weeks go by and Trump supporters (Ts for short) still don't get it.  I have been asking Ts why they are voting for Trump?  The answers I have received scared me for my children's future and the future of the country. 

1) He's a successful businessman.  First and foremost, No, he is not. He claims to be worth 10 billion when Forbes has him at 4.1 billion. Only a 6 billion difference but hey, he was close. Accuracy is not a strong point for him obviously. I wonder if that is the real reason he won't show his tax returns? Hmmm.  His father gave him & his brothers 200 million, so each came out with 40 million.  If he would have simply invested it, it would be worth so much more than Trump's value now.  I went with rolling stones because it was the first one I saw but the same can be seen by just about any paper or YouTube video out there. Just type Trumps failed businesses.

Daddy's Money

Failed Businessman

2) He's a fraud. He is being sued by 2 different people for fraud in regards to "Trump University."  Yet another criminal running for office.

Trump usesTrump University a total scam.

3) Explain this to me please. Why would you think Trump, a man that makes the Trump line of clothing in China, would suddenly care about American businesses?  

Trump clothing and other products made out of USA

4) Why would a man who is running so hard against immigrants, use illegal immigrants in his hotels?

Trump uses illegal immigrants

5) Trump uses the best words.  Look at one of his speeches and try reading this out loud.  If you would rather hear these words for yourself click here. Best words

I believe strongly in policy.” That is amazing. It is amazing, that. I’m in love with it and the idea of it.
“I believe strongly in being smart.” I believe strongly that this can’t be happening right now.
It’s beyond parody. I can’t even make an analogy, and I believe strongly in analogies. Trump has frequently been criticized for his lack of policy specifics. He makes vague promises, sometimes changing those promises to different promises, while promising they’ll be really smart and effective, without giving any specifics. “We’re going to take care of women.” Okay? “I’m going to be so good at the military.” What?
“It will change,” he said. “We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored of winning. Believe me.”
"We are going to start winning bigly, on trade, militarily."
This is who you want to represent the U.S? This is the man that you want dealing with N Korea, Iran or Russia.  This is the man you want choosing the next Supreme Court Justice? 
He hates losing and throws Trumpertantrums when he doesn't get his way. He incites violence at his rallies.  He threatens people to vote for him. He lies almost daily.  His mind changes like the direction of the wind. He insults people left and right. Disabled. Vets. Women. Latinos. Immigrants.  These are not the actions of a president.  Maybe a 10 year old child but definitely not a president.
Finally we have a chance to have a true Conservative in the White House and you (Ts) are blowing it.  How many years have we had to put up with Rhinos? I held my nose for McCain & Romney, but I will not willingly vote for a liberal because he has an (R) next to his name! He has a 63.6 Unfavorable on earth will he win with those numbers.
I think for me, one of the worst aspects of Trump is when he lied about his Christianity.  If he doesn't need to ask for forgiveness than he has no idea what it means to be saved. 2 Corinthians...really?
Donald Trump is not a Conservative. Supports PP and Single payer insurance, supported ban on guns and his most recent liberal view is on the transgender bathroom issue.  He will say whatever he has to, to get a vote.  If you want a candidate who tells it like is, then you couldn't be more wrong about Trump.  The only thing Trump will tell you is whatever he thinks you want to hear.