Thursday, May 04, 2017

So Tired Of Pretending

So Tired Of Pretending

So tired of pretending, for a moment the mask slips away
Revealed is a tired ragged soul just trying to get through the day

The truth slips out in my weakness, the bitterness that I just can’t hide
My true desperation, that I keep locked deep inside

They can’t understand the hopelessness that haunts me day and night
But they are the reason that I continue to keep up this fight

Betrayed by my body, a vessel of muscle and bone
Invisible shackles bind me and keep me at home

I look out the window and wonder what it would be like
To simply walk in the park or go for a ride on my bike

To have the ability to just up and go, that precious freedom lost
Taken for granted by many, to me it comes at too high a cost

I cry silently, tears slipping from my eyes,
I just can’t hold them back, no matter how hard I try

I dry my tears and slip my mask back in place
The facade up again with a smile across my face

Another day has come and gone,

So tired of pretending, that nothing is wrong

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